“Time is the best curator,” says our music director.  “Only the highest quality works get through this filter.  What we play here cannot just be labeled as jazz funk or fusion grooves.  These are masterpieces of the last 4-5 decades which came through that time filter.  So, you’ll find a very strong music mix here.  It’s soulful, sophisticated and articulate at the same time.”

320 kbps OPEN STREAM

This audiophile quality stream is open for non-subscribers and gives an idea about our music style and sound quality.
Just let the music speak.


The core of SomehowJazz’ music concept, is the jazz of the 1970’s.  Funk, soul and rock influences, and a massive amount of quality record production with amazing studio performances make the jazz albums of those years a cultural treasure.  SomehowJazz features the best tracks of these albums, and the best contemporary jazz cuts that carry their influences.

Our philosophy is, sophistication without sounding pedantic, entertainment without getting commercial.


For the audiophile jazz listeners, SomehowJazz provides higher quality 320 kbps streaming.  With a good quality sound system, it is possible to experience the unique style of SomehowJazz with a better intelligibility and a tighter bass rendition that approaches CD quality.

The higher bitrate streaming is not the only reason why SomehowJazz is an audiophile quality jazz radio. There is another feature that makes SomehowJazz a unique station. Do you want to know about it?