Here’s why SomehowJazz is an audiophile quality jazz radio.

The music you stream on the internet radios, goes through a digital optimization process to even out the differences of volume and tone. The purpose is providing comfortable listening, so that the listener does not need to adjust the volume and tone all the time.

But there’s a flip side to it.  As thousands of songs can only be optimized automatically, the process is made using compressor limiters.   This in turn, blends out the characteristics of a song.  A soft and melodic piano solo may become louder and monotonous, a bass line intended to be on the foreground may fade and get less significant. In short, details and the dynamics of the music is compromised.

By SomehowJazz, on the other hand, each and every piece that we play is optimized manually.  It’s a detailed, time consuming process that requires musical as well as technical expertise.  In this way, the original mastering values of the recordings are respectfully and meticulously preserved, the music remains as it is intended to be.  Our listeners have the privilege of enjoying the songs fully as well as comfortably.

This emphasis on sound quality, makes Somehow Jazz a unique station among the web radios, deserving to stand as the one and only “Audiophile Quality Jazz Radio”.  We advise you to listen to SomehowJazz with your best sound system using the 320 kbps stream.

You can also have direct V-Tuner access with a yearly subscription.


Enjoy the music style and sound quality of SomehowJazz.
30 days free trial for monthly subscribers.