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Chris Hansen – 06/02/24
Thank you for hosting this jazz stream!! Not much of this music going on in Denmark outside the Capitol ♥️

Jeff DC – 05/25/24
Great website. This is the music that served as a basis for me becoming a jazz fan. Thanks for keeping it alive. I plan to return here often.

Lindsay Jillson – 05/08/24
I think the admin of this website is actually working hard for his site, for the reason that here every data is quality based stuff.

Gabriel Nigro – 05/06/24
Somehow Jazz has become an integral part of my daily routine, and I must say I’ve never felt such a strong connection with any other radio station before.

Kate Tilton – 02/17/24
I didn’t think I liked jazz until I tapped into this channel.

Roberto Rodriguez Acosta – 01/31/24
La calidad la buena elección del nivel cultural.

Marcos Vinicius – 01/13/24
Hello, my name is Marcos, and I’m from Brazil. I stumbled upon your website by chance and I fell in love with it! Thank you!!

Stefano Perdasdefogu – 12/16/23
Godsend musical Pandora;
I have been digitally errand for years before to stumble by chance into Somehow Jazz website. Never even into my most optimistic expectations I thought it could exist a provider of such finely selected music assorted from all of my favourite genres and styles. No ads, no chit chat; just groove, duende and swing. I’ll be eternally grateful for your generosity.

Christian Lynge – 12/15/23
A very recommendable station! Thank you SomehowJazz

Duane Oriarte – 11/24/23
I love the way I raised myself on 70’s jazz. But I got my inspiration from being raised on 50’s and 60’s jazz from my parents, they were great West Coast Swing dancers. I have such a collection inside of my head. A long list ! I’m glad I’m having a connection with y’all ! Thanks so much, Duane B. Oriarte, Vallejo, CA.

David Collier – 11/21/23
This site is awesome. A true reflection of what is in my playlist now. Loving every bit of this.

Szabo Sandor – 11/14/23
Your radio and your music is fantastic, thank you.

Nathan Brooks – 11/07/23
I am a big admirer of the insightful music coverage of Somehow Jazz… Congratulations and thank you!

Jorge Luis Soriano – 10/22/23
I really enjoy the excellent choice of jazz you have. Thank you!

Timothy Phype – 10/13/23
Thanks, I’ve been looking for this for a long time

John Hancotte – 10/09/23
Loved hearing John McKee from Jack DeJohnette’s Parallel Realities, a relatively unknown Pat Metheny composition and album, if the truth were told. Enjoying your stream here in Marietta, GA.

Stancel Nikimptu – 09/23/23
You have good taste when selecting music!

David O’Suna – 08/30/23
Wow! Pat Martino on the radio! Just discovered your station. Great vibe. Dig it.

Mario Donovan – 07/20/23
So happy to have stumbled across your website while looking up the personnel on Funkin’ for Jamaica. You’re playing my jam!

Eric Statham – 07/07/23
Your site is THE BEST site out there…I know of no other source that plays the genre of jazz from the mid 70’s to early 80’s that I used to listen to @ WFSU and WAMF in Tallahassee, Fla while in college in 1977… I really appreciate your station and your music, I only wish WBGO, WWOZ, and other FM stations played your setlists… The only thing similar is Marcus Miller on Miller TIme on Sirius XM Beyond Jazz Sundays @ 5pm… but that’s only 1 hour show weekly… Keep up to be the GREAT music source, THANK YOU!

Diego S. Saxo – 07/05/23
I love SomehowJazz. I listen to it habitually from Buenos Aires.

Peter Settli – 05/27/23
Absolutely love your broadcast, thanks.

Rob Strick – 05/10/23
I’m crazy about your fantastic radio streaming, superrr !!! Keep up the good work and thanks…

Vidéki Város – 01/29/23
Wow… Better sound than tidal hi-fi!

Chuck Orbuck – 11/29/22
I listen to this station several hours a day. One of the best jazz stations on the web. Keep up the good work, your services are appreciated.

James A. Whitaker – 11/21/22
This is not just a radio station, it is more like dropping knowledge and taste!

Vincent Bey – 07/14/22

Mike Armando – 06/27/22
Great site with some great music. Keeping the music alive…

Carlos Navarro – 06/25/22
Glad I found you guys; this is a great addition to the music I love!

Gisela Smith – 06/19/22
Really glad I found you! I love jazz

Jim Wolf – 06/06/22
Just found your site. I’m a child of the 70’s who gravitated toward the older and much more cool kids whose toleration of me was nothing less than grace. They played Return to Forever, Taj Mahal, Sun Ra, Richard Thompson etc. All that music I didn’t or couldn’t appreciate until I became a 20-something wannabe savant only to realize great tunes reveal something much more than the individual or group’s musical chops; It is a reflection of me at my particular spot on the journey. I look forward to plummeting down this alluring rabbit hole. May your blessings be equal to your labors of love.

Ricky Prestone – 04/26/22
Your benevolence and passion in what you do is simply astonishing and admirable!! I hope this site will remain up for generations to come!! THANK YOU!!

Lorraine Bailey – 04/16/22
What an outstanding selection of artists and their music… its truly a listening pleasure… please keep it going!

Victor Quesnel – 03/24/22
Discovered you while searching some Miles Davis music. Great sound, pleasure to listen to.

Scheirich János – 03/18/22
GREAT internet radio, thanks a lot… I wish long magnificent years for this work.

Mann Moore – 02/6/22

Robert Shelton – 02/2/22
I would be glad to join!

Ranger Jim – 01/22/22
Just stumbled across your page….. nice. Thanks for your effort to hi-lite Steely Dan and their music.

Armando – Bronx – 01/22/22
Listen to learn to listen.

Gino Milani – 01/20/22

Gerrit Okkema – 01/20/22
This is EPIC

Ruth A. Morgan – 01/17/22
First time listening to this radio and I am really enjoying the music. thanks

Walter Brown – 01/16/22
Love it… Like finding a diamond in the rough… Great music, nice format

Michael Berliner – 01/14/22
Hello, thanks for your well-chosen great content in such a great sound quality. You’re unique world wide I’d say. Greetings from Germany!

Rich Donnelly – 01/11/22
As a fan of jazz funk/rock and fusion, I love this idea and will listen regularly now I have found SomehowJazz.

Craig Charles – 01/8/22
Just stumbled on your site today. Wow. Great music all the time. Loved Fusion back in the 70’s. Now I have it again all the time. Keep it going.

Andrew – 12/17/21
Amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!! Great music and sound!!! Thank you so much!!!

Dong-Jin – 12/16/21
Very good jazz!!^^ happy button!!!^^ everyday I want to visit your site^^ thank you!!!^^

Steve Birks – 11/26/21
Beautiful – The sound quality your site delivers is amazing ! – Quality this good you can hear everything perfectly.

Bill Hubbard – 11/24/21
Thank you for extending access to the wonderful art form of Jazz!!

Curt Backhaus – 11/9/21
Listening to you is always like coming home and getting relaxed. Thank you for your inspiration.

Richard Rick Burila – 10/5/21
Baby Boomer from 1954….Since 3rd Grade fell in Love with the “You say Trumpet ~ I say Miles.” “Reminiscing ~ Thank you “Somehow Jazz!”

Gary Lewis – 09/19/21
Thank you so much ShowHowJazz 🙂

Charles Mitchell – 09/17/21
Everything this internet channel plays is fire!

Sandra Perez – 09/16/21
Really feeling you!!

Wayne A Robinson – 09/13/21
Glad to have you!

Wayne MacIntosh – 09/10/21
I love Somehow Jazz. You always have a very diverse collection of great music to share! Lifetime listener.

Karim Guitoun – 08/27/21
Allan Holdsworth please !

Pierre Bilodeau – 08/12/21
Tres bon merci

Ken Route – 08/08/21
I love jazz, old school sound so smooth

John Van Engel – 08/03/21
Amazing and Blessed… Keep it on

Michael Tait – 07/28/21
I listen almost every day. Great fidelity, great music. Thank guys

Joao Carlos – 07/18/21
Wonderful, majestic sound, lots of swing.

Damian Haber – 07/13/21
I really appreciate the high-resolution offering here on your website.

Lisa van Beergen – 07/12/21
Danke für den tollen Jazz in bester Qualität. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland.

Kyrk Freeman – 06/24/21

Ed Grant – 06/22/21
A JAZZ Aficionado Has Found Home-Cooking! What Took Me So Long-LoL. Exceptional Quality!

Mike Swoboda – 05/25/21
I used to have so many of these albums in my record collection which is long since gone. It is wonderful to be able to hear these great pieces of music again!!!

Bob West – 05/22/21
Keep up the good work !!!!

Michael Calvin – 05/04/21

Angel Guiterrez – 04/30/21
SomehowJazz is a solo performance. There’s no any other competing radio station on the internet. Keep up the great work guys.

Eric Leong – 11/08/20
Thanks for contributing to the world of great Jazz for audiophiles in audiophile quality! Well Done!

Luis Saz – 10/30/20
Millones de gracias por vuestras selecciones musicales. Son verdaderas delicatessen !!! Música de altísimo nivel siempre. No hay otra emisora que llegue a vuestra altura de calidad. Os había perdido el rastro, pero ahora no me despisto nunca más. Seguid así, sé que es muy difícil pero además lo que hacéis es verdadera Historia de la Música y de los Grandes Músicos.. Lo dicho…¡¡¡ Millones de gracias por vuestra dedicación y vuestro trabajo !!!

Umberto Pazienza Gelmetti – 10/11/20
Love your music, surprising HQ !!! Well done guys, ciao!

Andrey – 09/10/20
Thank you !

Tom Tran – 08/25/20
I love the music

Dania – 04/30/20
Hello! Just wanna say that I found your blog today and I think i’ts wonderful. Great great great selection of music. I’m a fan, for sure! Greeting from Mexico City.

Rufus Drayton – 04/10/20
You never miss a good tune! Old or new, known or unknown… Keep up the GREAT work, thanks.

Marc – 02/22/20
Dear friends, Thank you for the eclectic and enjoyable selection of jazz.

Deniz Cakir – 05/10/19
Great music !!! Thx

Boyo – 04/07/19
Finally… I should have known you before.

Fritz Hoop – 01/03/18
Ich liebe Jazz und Funk

Paul Ruff – 12/11/17
So sweet.

Doug Cash – 03/07/17
Somehow Jazz is simply stellar. You play all of the best fusion from my youth and sweet soul funk that smacks your groove bone !
5 stars all the way…
All the best, Doug Cash, Sacramento CA

Dirk B. Schmitz – 02/16/17
Great selections from different jazz genres, which is not comparable to any other station. I can listen for hours discovering many new unknown songs. Real great work guys!  Love and success from Germany…

Leon P. Sealey – 07/06/16
Not your garden variety, run of the mill jazz. Artists and selections from A to Z with rare cuts added in here and there. This is SOMEHOWJAZZ!

Robert Sorzano – 05/22/16
This is the Real Deal.

Gstöhl Bruno – 05/07/16
Liebe Jazz und Funk.

Len Davis – 04/13/16
I recently subscribed for a year, and am very glad I did.
This is my mix of music, and commercial free!
I do get drop outs when I leave it on for a long period, however just refresh fixes it.
Looking forward to the app, so I can listen in my car commercial free.
Also looking forward to being able to click on album cover to purchase music.
Keep up the good work, this is my music collection only bigger!!
Cheers from Down Under.

Roman Postanciuc – 04/01/16
I’ve acquired a monthly subscription, because, obviously, you’re the best, and the 70’s are my favorite music period.
I hope you’ll put out an updated Android app soon, because I’m mostly listening from my smartphone, and doing that from the mobile browser is a bit awkward.
If you don’t mind, I would also like to make a suggestion: maybe you should try to make a free/half-price version with commercials, while keeping SJ commercials-free for subscribers?

Vlada Klipa – 03/20/16

JBoy – 02/25/16
Love it

Ian Kirk – 02/17/16
There are thousands of on-line Jazz stations. I know, I’ve visited them all. This is still worth subscribing to.

Loel Pennington – 02/07/16
Im all ears

Raúl Camacho – 02/06/16
Quisiera hoir primero para opinar

Pierre Stanford – 01/12/16
I love your choice of music. I have just about all the albums and cd’s Tower of Power has put out. A cd by Bruce Conte I have is very good. And now you have just put me onto a cd by Greg Adams. I have many Lenny Williams albums, because of his voice. Curtis Mayfield I really like. I love cuban jazz, all there piano players, and the best one for me is Gonzalo Rubalcaba. But really thanks very much for such a wonderful station. I like the music resolution you offer the music in, excellent. Thanks

Paul G. – 01/11/16
I love you!

Roy Kindt – 01/07/16
I love your mix

Axel Dettmer – 12/26/15
Great selection of jazz and jazzy music. A pleasure to listen to. The people who select the tracks are exactly on my wave length.

Akos Baranyi – 12/24/15
Don’t ever stop it

Norvell Williams II – 12/23/15
Jazz and the mix is great

Panagiotis Giannelopoulos – 12/06/15
Great tunes with a great sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rijoso Pérez – 11/19/15
¡¡¡Enorme emisora!!! Espero que no se apague nunca. ¡Saludos desde Madrid!

Stan Maffett – 11/12/15

Hassen Hamoudi – 11/10/15
Magnifique!!! Merci.

Arnaud PC – 11/03/15
What a nice and elegant web radio, so cool and so funky playlist, without ad or any aggressive break. I could buy even song played, nothing to throw out, just a perfect radio to enjoy!

Enrico Iorio – 11/02/15
This site is just fantastic, who selects the music needs a great compliment, in 3 months time I have learned so much good music here. Thx

Nigel Bartlett – 11/01/15
Great station

Ruthee Self – 10/21/15
Only just found Somehow Jazz. And am in love already. Awesome, beautiful music!

Alberto de Santis – 10/20/15
My favourite Radio. I love it. I spend at least four hours in the night listening while I navigate on Internet and play Poker online. I tried to upload something but I don’t know if it succeeded. Kind Regards

Georg Rigadis – 10/08/15
Much more than you have to thank me for my donation, I have to thank you that you made my life richer and give me happy days listening to your channel. Keep on going.
Thanks a lot from Norway!!

Alvaro Oliveira – 10/04/15
uma grata surpresa….. adicionei nos favoritos…..

MARK SCOTT – 09/24/15
Yesterday, I finally gathered my screen shots of my favorite selections from your last 10 drop down selections and individually searched Amazon and the internet for the listed songs. I bought 3 cd’s from Amazon, downloaded 1 mp3 and purchased 2 other mp3. Without easy links on your site/apps YOU ARE MISSING A PARTNER REVENUE STREAM. FYI Mark

Georges MAISEAU – 09/16/15
Love that kind of jazzy music. One of my favorite site. Keep on rolling, swinging, grooving and else. Thanks.

Burman Ayacannoo – 09/05/15
Awesome jazz! Keep up the good work. Thanks!

Myron Wallace – 08/30/15
It’s just gotta be THIS way!!! Thanks

Samim Mutluer – 08/19/15
My favourite station. Love the content and the flow. This good and very hard to find content.

Dell Dorn – 07/28/15
Great station, hard to find stuff this good on the internet.

Bill Cummins – 07/15/15
Just keep the Funk rollin’–old Funk, new Funk, hot Funk, blue Funk. DoobieDoobie DoobieDoobie DoobieDoobieDoWaaaah A note, a note to y’all: iTunes radio lost their Funk, so I said, I said ciao And I wouldn’t have looked and gotten hooked Wouldn’t’ve looked around and found, Would not have looked and found y’all, Somehow DoobieDoobie DoobieDoobie DoobieDoobieDoWaaaah

Oesman Junus – 6/20/15
Kind of jazz that I expected from a radio.. Others play mellow or lounge jazz..

George Burrows – 6/17/15
Located SomehowJazz and like what I hear, as well as the app

Sid de Leon – 6/17/15
And that is Good Jazz!

Alan Card – 6/1/15
Great site. keep jazz alive.

Iván Concepcion – 6/1/15
Es mío bueno

Ahmet İşsever 5/30/15
uygulama. super w/salutes

Michael Gaines – 5/22/15

Chris Fernando – 5/14/15
Great station , a must have “favourite” to my TEAC VTuner. Thanks for the variety and the quality.

Elyria Akbar – 5/12/15
Downloaded your app! Love the music!

Gerald Dale – 5/12/15
Great music! anytime of the day or night…

Dragan Djuric – 5/9/15
This music is so cool

Dan Russell – 5/3/15
Wow… Just found this website wanted some info on Horace Silver Sterling Silver LP I got at record store . Time to warm up the tubes and transistors and listen. Thank you for the info.

Ailton Faria – 4/30/15
Great sounds!

Butch Greene – 4/27/15
love jazz

Rafael Sanchez – 4/1/15
simply great jazz!

António Reis – 3/15/15
Wonderful music!

Tony Ross – 3/9/15
really really great sounds and sound quality, better than BBC !!

Joseph Muto – 3/8/15
I love this station I like classic rock but this has made me change to this as a favorite

Diego Mauro – 2/28/15
muy buena radio, la tengo puesta todo el día

Steve Linkwitz – 2/19/15
Greetings from Cologne, Germany… It is the best Jazz/Funk/Blues Station I’ve ever heard… Keep up the good work!

Katy Manson – 2/4/15
Somehowjazz! You guys are awesome!

Hanjo Raasch – 2/3/15
That the Music that I love. Many of these records I have in my record collection. Brian Auger´s Oblivion Express ( Reinforcements, Happiness heartaches) should fit at your playlist. Keep it up!

Evan Price – 2/2/15
Not sure how I found you, but I have been looking for a radio station like this for a LONG time. Keep up the good work and THANKS.

Recep Gul – 1/28/15
Check out Yonrico Scott “ONLY A SMILE”

Charles Mitchell – 1/18/15

Antonio Trujillo – 1/6/15
Quiero escuchar la radio

Luis – 12/28/14
Thanks for the music! Happy New Year!

Portia Quevedo – 12/12/14
The coolest!!!

Wrozbita Wroz – 11/25/14
Great website. Awesome music!

Brent Wilson – 11/23/14
like your stream!

Mauricio C. Leon – 11/10/14
I’m really thankful to listen jazz music. Its all my life dedicate to music and studies jag. drums and percusion ..(Ed Thigpen)

Ronaldo Tamochumas – 10/30/14
I really enjoyed this website. It would be really cool if all the songs from the CDs were made available for listening! Congrats! Ronaldo

Barry Mallin – 10/4/14
Great sounds

Claire Ellison – 10/2/14
I enjoy almost every song you play… I like the variety.

Henry Butler – 9/21/14
Bravo! Pat Metheny is the best!

Curt Backhaus – 8/26/14
Simultaneously absolute good taste for music.Thank you much, Best Wishes! Curt

Maribel Ochoa – 8/20/14
Great site, thanks for it! Kind regards 😉

Ailsa Kimbrough – 8/17/14

Bernard March – 8/13/14
Just found this gem I hope to hear Monty, Eric Gale, etc

Erwin Grafl – 8/10/14
mr. han is cooking in a funky kitchen 😉

Concepcion Balbuena – 8/10/14
Beautiful music!!

Harry Yanto – 8/4/14
sorry my english not well….but I like jazz music….thank you

Laura Miner – 8/3/14
Love your site and the music. Play On, Play On!

Cheapo Pete – 8/3/14
I was sat here on a pleasant Sunday evening and had to log in and give thanx for Maceo Parker. How much funk can be contained in one human? :¬)

Eric Statham – 7/31/14
Your station is THE BEST of all the ones I listen to…Steely Dan is one of my favorite’s as is all the Chick Corea, Jeff Beck..etc…only wish you were on satellite radio…Sirius XM…I listen every day to your streaming broadcasts….keep it going…!!!!

Theo Wavelet – 7/30/14
I’ve been listening jazz for 5 years, but I still feel like a beginner , I’m sure this site is beautiful way to get experienced and know more 🙂

Al Bush – 7/25/14
Can’t tell you how much I appreciate having your work in my life. Retired and fixed income but if I get a buck to spare I’ll send a little. Do you have an ultimate goal you want to reach? Want to grow big or stay smaller? What’s the best thing a listener like me can do to support other than cash? I’m interested in doing both.

Recep Gul – 7/24/14
By the way thanks very much for introducing me to soul/funk jazz I was a fusion enthusiast before I met somehow jazz. Now it doesn’t excite me as much.

Guillermo Avilés – 7/18/14
I only want to say: GRACIAS ( tnks) for your gift:: That splendid jazz

Marco Tosi – 7/14/14
Bella compagnia quotidiana!! W Yellowjackets and Pat Metheny

Recep Gul – 6/21/14
* Check out Roger Smith cd’s. Member of TOP
* Check out Nicholas Payton – Numbers. Mellow.
* Check out Down to the bone – Dig it; It’s Somehow Jazz
* Check out the supergroup “Jazz Funk Soul”. Messrs. Lorber, Loeb and Harp (all three are your favorites).
* Check out the new Dennis Chambers CD “Groove & More”
* Check out the “Perfect Harmony” by Karizma, quite a few pieces to fit your playlist.

Victor Jonetti – 6/18/14
Thanks for the good sound !!!

Stewart Healey – 6/3/14
This is the spot for higher state of mind.

Donald Weeks – 5/30/14
Thanks for being an excellent avenue for wonderful music to our ears….Jazz, Forever!!!!

Alan Lantz – 5/28/14
Keep the sound coming.

Ahmet Taştekne – 5/27/14
Dinleyelim, rahatlayalım 🙂

Michael Allison – 5/25/14
Great Station

Giovanni Dal Sasso – 5/23/14
Hello guys!
I discovered you few months ago on Itunes radio, I listen to you everyday!
I am also a saxophone player, so it is amazing to hear this music, it is a kind of school.
Thank you! And congratulations!

Sealey2k – 5/19/14
This is the spot! It’s an all day all night thing.

Mark Booker – 5/17/14
Jazz is the best music in the world.

Eddie House – 5/14/14
I luv dis site!

Gabriel De Cacqueray Valmenier – 5/9/14
merci de nous faire découvrir ou réécouter tout ces morceaux de mes styles préférés. keep going, guys !

Alvin Hollins – 4/21/14
Like Billy Cobham’s Crosswinds LP from 1974.

Alfonso Rickerson – 4/20/14
Great site! I am glad I found you.

As former Operations Manager at WJZZ/Detroit, taking the station to a NAB Marconi Award winning and NUMBER ONE Arbitron, Highest Rated JAZZ Station in the Nation position in 1990, I appreciate what it is you are attempting Thanx, Larry “Doc” Elliott

Sami Pekel – 4/18/14
Kalitenin adresi…

Akos Baranyi – 4/18/14
Thank you for everything. Forever SomehowJazz! In peace, in galaxy…

Nikola Visnjic – 4/14/14
Just ran into SomehowJazz. Love it! Thanks!

Zorglub Shiva – 4/13/14
Congrats 😉 Prince + Jeff Beck +Johnny Guitar Watson +++ great! Hope that I will listen soon Frank Zappa, I am new btw. Keep on truckin’

Russell Jones – 4/5/14

Guillermo Chort – 3/28/14
Gracias por la pagina y por la exclusiva selección musical SOMEHOW JAZZ
Larga vida a la excelencia ,los voy a escuchar bastante .
Hasta Pronto. GUILLERMO

David Fried – 3/22/14
Somehow overlooked your sweet syncopated stream until now! Thanks! Weened on early free Jazz – somehow more enlightening than LSD: in the words of Rahsaan Roland Kirk: “… it’s like making one part of your mind say O Bla Di, and make the other part say, what does he mean?”.

Myron Thomas – 3/20/14
Thank you very much.

ALLEN TUCKER – 3/13/14

LAMONT BELL – 3/5/14

Nikolay Osnach – 2/16/14
You guys make me happy! Sometimes you play really delicious things I ve never heard. Thank You!

Diego Mauro – 2/8/14
compañera música

Trevor Walton – 1/25/14
Keep playing I’m listening

Chuck Stewart – 1/22/14
Just found you!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gino Frasca – 1/18/14
Doppio centro, qualità e buona musica. Mi piace 🙂 ‘

Ian Kirk – 1/6/14
Finally. A station that completely satisfies – eclectic, sophisticated, innovative, uh, well, I think I’ll just shut up and donate. Large.

Janne Pettersson – 12/12/13
Awesome music…keep up the good work!!!

Yolanda Herbert – 12/10/13
I love music. Jazz is my energy. Thanks for sharing station with me.

Len Davis – 11/24/13
This is my record collection!!! Great stuff guys! I was a public radio presenter for 30 years and did a show that played all this music and more, I miss it a lot but not anymore!! Have you on all the time now. Good work and the stream quality is very good .

Darrell Wheeler – 11/16/13
Simply superb!

Bruno Gstöhl – 11/16/13
So ein Genialer Sender . Das ist Musik

Wolfgang Karasek – 11/09/13
Great!! Listening to is like a Journey through my own Record collection! And there are so many titles I haven’t known before. BEST ONLINE-RADIO EVER!!! I`ll try to submit some Music you probably don`t have ….won’t be easy 😉 Keep it up!

Scott Henry – 11/04/13
A jazz cellist turned me on to somehowjazz. I love it. Good streaming quality. I like the variety.

Scott Thompson – 11/04/13
Nice show – Sunday night on the Connecticut coast – 7:35pm EST

Andrew Fedenev
amazing music-list! GREAT RADIO!

Curtis Moore – 9/26/13
Very good sound where have you been all my life

Ginger Rice – 9/20/13
Love this!

Stephen Re – 9/19/13
Can not wait for the app.

Andrea Antonacci – 9/14/13
Best web radio ever.

L Panna – 8/30/13
OUTSTANDING X 100! Can’t wait for the phone app! Keep me posted! LP

CONGRATULATIONS! I love your website radio station!! Thanks a Zillion for playing my music. Please peruse my website and listen to samples of all of my releases on Tenacious Records, and let me know which ones you to receive from me! ALL THE BEST. Alphonse Mouzon (Music samples)

Jose Prado – 8/26/13
I love JAZZ and I love your station.

Дмитрий Мурзинов – 8/24/13
Love all you do for people !!!Thank you !!!

ALLEN TUCKER – 8/22/13

Clay Littleton – 8/18/13
I need your music like the sun needs the sky and birds need to fly. I’d like to suggest Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana be considered for your playlist. Thank you for being part of my world. C.A.Littleton

Stephen Re – 8/16/13
Thank you for all the long jams.

Valerie Kemp – 8/16/13
Found this by chance, I’m addicted now!

J. D. Thomas – 8/14/13
Donated too! Worth every penny! Thnx.

Stephen Re – 8/13/13
Thank you for the experience, I donated, keep it coming !

Thomas Sanders Jr – 8/13/13
Interesting site~

Kly Willi – 8/12/13

Can Korsan – 8/1/13

Migs Emano – 8/1/13
Great Link!

MaryLynn Gillaspie – 8/1/13
Great to discover your sounds!

Leon P. Sealey – 7/31/13
I’m always interested in new artists and music to check out. Visit me and my friends on Facebook AT THE CORNER OF JAZZ & FUNK. This site, SOMEHOW JAZZ fits my quest. I “Keep Listenin’ To Good Music”

Orazio Sanarica – 7/31/13
wonderful playlist… really a good soundtrack for your free time! ;o)

Garic Grant – 7/30/13
we must make a commitment to continue to create good music like this

Philippe BONANNO – 7/29/13
The best internet jazz station !!! Always with me at my office !!! Thanx for the greatness !! Long life to you !!! Continuez et encore BRAVO !!!!

Carolyn Tagariello – 7/29/13
great music!

Francesco Sciarretta – 7/27/13

Volkan Yildirim – 7/17/13
Tonight you are playing excellent 🙂 thanks

Taka Nishi – 6/29/13
I love Jazz !

Carlos Ramos – 6/28/13
first time here just checking you out thanks.

Uriah Bekh – 6/17/13
I like This!!!

Adam Blake – 6/12/13
I finally found you, this is a real musicians radio !

Aysegul Akpinar – 6/11/13
Great music !

ilhan erten – 5/31/13
Hi, wassup buddy…I got no comment…You guys doing a good job…Keep goin’…

Goknur Omur – 5/31/13
Gercekten harika muzik… tsk.

Sidney Mills – 5/21/13
Great site.. Thanks

jerry – 5/16/13
Great music, great quality, this is a real audiophile’s delight

Al Lopez – 5/11/13
Love your station! Great programming!

Rick Goldmeyer – 5/10/13
Finally I found my station, and great quality sound too…. Thank you.

Scottie Barnett – 4/17/13
I love the music you guys play keep up the good work.

Gail Sim – 4/16/13
Unbelievable mix, how do you find these excellent pieces and make them work together? Love your music guys!

Tina Willoughby – 3/2/13
somehowjazz is great..!

Fred Scott – 3/1/13
Love your music selection, keep up the great work!!

costas vlahos – 2/28/13
real somehow jazz music. BRAVO

Lebesopoulos Dimitris – 2/1/13
The best music

Gino Goss – 1/31/13
Listening and loving it !!

Clay Littleton – 1/31/13
where have you been all my life? you guys light the fires in my soul . . . BIG TIME!

Brayn – 1/30/13
yeah yeah yeahs

Diego Sardaneta – 1/29/13
Good Music & Excellent Musician Jazz Radio

Gerard Gabalda – 1/28/13
I love Jazz

Pete Hobson – 1/28/13
Listening at work in Hertfordshire. Love it! Hi to my Cosmic Jazz pals Derek and Neil, in Suffolk and China respectively …

Kenny Green – 1/20/13
Kenny G from Santa Cruz here. Peace to all my fellow Jazz Guitarists.

Howie Clayman – 1/19/13
Diggin’ your show, real deal !!!

Bobby Baker – 1/18/13

John Dawson – 1/17/13
Finally! What took me so long to find you? I’m a long time (in the neighborhood of 50 year) latin jazz bass player, who kinda retired for a while, but your playlist is ramping up juices in me I thought were in a coma! Nuf said! Thanks!

Eugenio Chabaneau – 1/16/13
Grazie per tanta verità fatta musica, vi voglio bene…

Soren Milner Juel – 1/2/13
Hey Thanks a lot for a great dj mix. I’m really happy to finally have found you, with a great funky-jazz flavor, after a long search on itunes radio with too much sugar sweet “smooth jazz”. Best regards Søren

Ian Kirk – 12/21/12
Can’t top what everyone has said other than you. are. on. fire. to. night. my friend.

tasos fokios – 12/20/12
the best music!!

Damon Fowler – 12/17/12
Most sophisticated service ever got from the internet…
Keep up the good work, good luck!

Gail Giles – 12/11/12
You guys are Amazing. Love so much!

Ken Pease – 12/05/12
The Best!!

Timothy E. Cullogh – 12/04/12
Great music, great website and great fb wall!!!
Congratulate you with my best…

Michael Gutter – 12/03/12
Great music———I love it.

JocelynMarie Marie – 11/28/12
Loving the vibe!

Ashley Napier – 11/23/12
Amazing flow! keep it coming…

Wayne Cobham – 11/14/12
fantastic page! thanks!!

Shana Wilson – 11/13/12
Absolutely the best radio website I’ve ever seen,
and the greatest music I’ve ever heard in this media.

Phil Navarro – 11/10/12
Very very sucessful with all different sub-genres of jazz…

vero jorge – 11/10/12
me encanta la musica que pasan!…pero hace unos dias veo que no figuran mas las fotitos de los musicos en el anuncio de musica y autor….por que? me gustaba! Gracias!!

Colin Seven – 11/03/12
… believe me, I listen to you every night ….. brilliant !!!

Memo Garan – 11/02/12

Stevie Wix – 10/27/12
The best web radio station. thanks….

Nico – 10/26/12
Muy buena emisora, hay gran diversidad de ritmos. Muy contento de tener la posibilidad de escuchar jazz sin tener que buscarlo.

Tommy Prawiradinata – 10/26/12
Hmmm..em happy Listening..

usman junus – 10/26/12
excelent playlist

Ana – 10/25/12

jim peoples – 10/25/12
keep the flow going

Bedi – 10/16/12
thank u for your great music

whatsupman – 10/16/12
real deal, these tunes enlightening my mind!

van – 10/10/12
keep on make`n my day…

cliff – 10/09/12
i love jazz

cem oneren – 10/09/12
Great Music and quality sound.
Congratulations and thanks

Francisco Gonzalez – 10/08/12
BUENISIMO…!!! I Like It. Is Kool.
Is Amazing…!!!
Hace Muchisimo Tiempo Que Espero Algo Asi…!!!
Congratulations and Go For More…!!!
Is a Plessure.
Hugs For You From Cordoba, Argentina, South America.
Francisco Gonzalez

Brad N. – 10/05/12
Such a strong eargasm !!! I’m glad I found you guys…

Raul Almeida / 04.10.2012
La musica ideal para compartir con buena compania y con un scotch on the rocks

Alejandro / 30.09.2012
Pasan muy linda musica todo el tiempo!

Cynthia Webb / 27.09.2012
Great Jazz, smooth a mellow! Love all the different styles. I am glad I found this on FB.
Keep up the Good work!

José / 25.09.2012
Soy Un Amante de la música de fusión y Somehow Jazz es una de mis emisoras preferidas por tener una gran selección variada y rica en mesclas de estilos y ritmos……………Lo Haceis muy Bien, seguid esta linea……….Gracias.

Bobby Baker / 24.09.2012

Nikolaos / 23.09.2012
what a nice and strong page !!!

Israel Cedeno Jr / 22.09.2012
This the greatest station I ever found on this media, with all different styles of Jazz,,,,!

António / 22.09.2012
Curti muito! Até jazz

Mercedes / 21.09.2012
Thanks!! I am a jazzzzzzzz loverrrrr…….

Alan / 20.09.2012
Keep up the good work!!

Juanjo / 20.09.2012
Buena música, lo mejor!!!

vaggelis / 20.09.2012

Hollman Leal Gomez / 20.09.2012
Gran Sonido y excelente programación
les deseo grandes exitos…

Sergio / 20.09.2012
Ottima Musica!!! Grazie!!!

Gilbert / 20.09.2012
Great site!!!

Annie Duff / 18.09.2012
yess!!! you keep me listenin’ to good music!!!

Kyriakos Manetas / 18.09.2012
very nice music station!!!

Belinda Watson / 17.09.2012
Love that Jazz. Keep playing. found this by accident.

music lover / 15.09.2012
this is the best music i’ve ever heard.

Alan / 14.09.2012
Nice site!!

Edie2k2 / 14.09.2012
This is WONDERFUL! You’re doing an excellent job!!!

taylan özgür gün / 12.09.2012
great..! love it..

Jessi Leija / 08.09.2012
It´s great!!! 🙂


Chinal / 03.09.2012
Awesome I am glad you did this oh yeah! Did I mention Awesome!!! ; ~ D

mario cesar lungo / 03.09.2012
Great I love jazz !

Allen Stone / 02.09.2012
Musically rich & generous.

claudio gonzalez / 02.09.2012
Que bueno es encontrar buena música, me gusta mucho..Un saludo

Mina / 31.08.2012

Stivmeister / 29.08.2012
awesome music! I listen this all day!!

Jack / 29.08.2012
Love it !!

Tymes4Soul / 29.08.2012
I’m a Soul lover, a Funk lover and a Somehow Jazz lover. Keep doing what you’re doing.
A guy from Marseille.

Al / 25.08.2012
Great radio station, the best commercial free jazz station period.
Thanks guys.

Jarko Sunce / 24.08.2012
Odlična online stanica, moje najbolje društvo na poslu. Sviđa mi se što ima i pomalo “sirovih” stvari, nije sve uglancano.
Good groove! Thank You!

Scepa 17.08.2012
Great music, so relaxing and inspirational. All my working day I am listening somehow jazz.
The best thing is that you are ad free!
Thanks people!

P LeRoy Wright 10.08.2012
Love the musical selections!

Carlos Guerrero “Carlhon” 10.08.2010
I´m musician-composer and very fan to Latin-Jazz.Allways enjoy so much all in Somehow Jazz. Congratulatións!

george 09.08.2012

Cem 08.08.2012
Wow! Every time I start a mystic voyage when I listen to Somehow Jazz… Thank you for these great themes.

Emre N. 08.08.2012
hi all,
thx for the wonderful broadcasting

jerome simmons 30.07.2012

Dilay Balli 29.07.2012
My soul gets rested while I am listening Somehowjazz. Thanks for the great music 🙂

W. Monroe Britt 27.07.2012
Great Music the best I’ve heard in years

Tymes 25.07.2012
First connection. Love it.

Dejan 22.07.2012

agrisi 22.07.2012
congrat. is the minimum.
Like sit in “jarret.evans.mehldau” prefered lunch place SIDE table HAVING
sails in my hearings

Stevie Edwards 21.07.2012
LOVE your FB page !! thinking of starting my own jazz pg. keep up the groovin tunes !! Karuna delMar

Berk / 21.07.2012
That’s incredible radio 😉
Congratulations 🙂

Hélio Adriano / 20.07.2012
Muito bom o site!!! Só coisas de 1ª qualidade!!! Parabéns!!!

Srdjan / 04.07.2012
Одлична музика, једина радио станица коју слушам.

Robert / 03.07.2012
I just found this today!!! Love it!!!!! Bookmarked!!!!

mama nzinga / 02.07.2012
i was glad 2 c roy hargrove’s pic peace b still

Rudy Finnell / 01.07.2012
Great Music!!

Bruce Whitcomb / 29.06.2012
I just decided to visit through a facebook endorsement. Nice to see and hear what is going on with some players
and writers that I haven’t heard about in ages. In 1973, my band opened up for Deodato in Harrisburg,
PA. I haven’t heard about him since then, but of course, he lives on and it’s nice to have an opportunity
to hear his current offering. I’ll be back!

Walter Sosa / 28.06.2012
Me encantó,los felicito,ponen muy buena música. Saludos y éxitos!!

Karina Corradini / 28.06.2012
Loving it! Great station. love that you feature many great new artists. Keep up the good taste! I Me encanta!

ezg / 27.06.2012

veronica jorge / 25.06.2012
me gusta muchìsimo …y me encanta ir conociendo quienes son los mùsicos que van “sonando” ya que ustedes nos van informando en la pàgina de la radio…Gracias!!

juan carlos / 25.06.2012
siempre fui un fanatico del jazz y ahora que me conecte con ustedes, mas todavia,
gracias por la musica.

JOHN ERIC MILLER / 24.06.2012
music sounding loud and clear. Great groove. I love your jazz poster.

Peter Wright / 23.06.2012
loving the groove!

Marcela Dávila / 23.06.2012
Great!!! genial!!! the best!!!!! listenning the best sounds!!!

Carlhon / 22.06.2012
It is a pleasure to find this link. I am musician-composer. I am Latin-Jazz Thanks to exist. Carlhon…

sanogoroo / 21.06.2012

poogie bell / 20.06.2012
love what you guys are doing keeping the music alive”…thank you for you’re support of my music!!!

Zoran / 20.06.2012

qbin / 20.06.2012
it`s just right, and very nice.

Chris Lazzari / 15.06.2012
Incredibly good music.

Garry Lewis / 07.06.2012
Jazz is the way of life, the stride of the walk,is the jazz, the nod of the head is the brain waves
getting in beat….Let the music play….gdl

Corinne Heywood / 02.06.2012
SomehowJazz is like a great dad!!!

Suzann / 24.05.2012
first time here what a brilliant morning im having, listening to great sounds !

lara yeliz / 24.05.2012
sizi bulduguma cok sevindim, use me sarkisini coolbone grubundan ilk kez burada dinledim. tesekkurler..

poogie bell / 21.05.2012
nice to hear real music that reminds me of my youth in ny…
someone here at somehow jazz was A WRVR jazz radio fan back when…

Alec / 15.05.2012

Keith Mcdonald Charles / 08.05.2012
Kick it up a notch !! nice I need to calm down !!!

Chris Parker / 08.05.2012
Cool station!Great!playlist.

Cool Peg / 08.05.2012
5 mins in and lovin’ the tunes!

Koynor / 01.05.2012
Excelente la programacion. Los felicito.

jose Fernández Quitela / 30.04.2012
Excelente selección de música, muy buen gusto, yo tambien tengo mi programa de jazz en radio.
Muchas gracias.

jazz in the house Argentina / 30.04.2012
very nice radio y just find it, i will keep on listening TO you,
may be i will send you something about our band

JJ / 29.04.2012
Great station

Jerry / 29.04.2012
This is very Cool !

Jerry / 29.04.2012
This makes me forget I have a great jazz collection,because I spend time online,and this makes it much better.
Great Station!

Guillermo Figueroa / 28.04.2012
Extraordinaria la seleccion de musica.
Fui productor por 10 años de un progama de Jazz en Mar del Plata y Buenos Aires en mi pais Argentina.
Les saco el sombrero: Great!!!

Dave Griffin / 25.04.2012
Simply there’s Somehowjazz, and others!!

juan / 23.04.2012
Muy bueno el sitio, me gusta !

Splat / 22.04.2012
Very sweet! Thank you!!!

Phil / 15.04.2012
Flawless work !!! Congrats

Denise / 13.04.2012
A fb friend told me to check this station out,and I love it!!!!

Brian G / 12.04.2012
The music mix is absolutely incredible! Keep up the good work!

Low Diggs / 09.04.2012
True Real Groove from all groove genres

Igmar / 07.04.2012
Somehow Jazz is great!

Zoltan / 06.04.2012
élvezet hallgatni a jazz muzsikát!!!

Corinne / 03.04.2012

Todd / 02.04.2012
i love somehowjazz so much.

Pere / 02.04.2012
Incredibly good music. My favorite music station.

Jackson / 01.04.2012
I love the Somehow Jazz mix!

Brian T / 01.04.2012
Serious stuff… Just great!!!

Aleksa / 30.03.2012
Awesome website. I’m really diggin the tunes you’re playing! Keep it up!

Andy / 27.03.2012
Fantastic music!! :-)))

L B / 27.03.2012
This station is Tight!!

Ronn Temoney / 26.03.2012
I’m lovin this…..mmm-mm-m I must inform my partners about this, it’s clean & it’s JAZZ….mmm-mm-m

Charles Lewis AKA Charlie Rhythm / 24.03.2012
I love your online station 🙂

Thomas / 13.03.2012
Geniale Mischung, einfach toll! DAS Radio für Musiker!

Emel / 11.03.2012
i like it. thanks!

Mehdi / 05.03.2012
Best jazz radio I’ve ever experienced! Thank you very very very much guys!
Keep broadcasting good music 😉 & good jazz, all over the world, music is LOVE, music gathers humans!

Daniel Oscar Ricciardi / 25.02.2012
So good music in a friendly way to listen. Congratulations.

Jan / 24.02.2012
The best web radio station in the world !

Myles Tate / 21.02.2012
Diggin your show!!! Im saving this site as a favorite!!!!
Hope to have my music playing on your show one day!!!!

Gene Ess / 19.02.2012
Very nice mix! Great music that even jaded jazz musicians in NYC can enjoy.
Plus a beautiful DJ to boot. 😉

belforddoug / 09.02.2012
was looking for prog fusion but found you guys instead and kept listening. sounds great thanks.

michelle durvais / 09.02.2012
C’est la musique que j’ai cherchée pour trop long temps! j’ai trappé cette radio par hasard et
je crois qu’il faut fêter la joyeux coincidence! Merci, merci!!

Haluk Ertunç / 20.01.2012

Oscar / 19.01.2012
Thank you very much

Casey / 18.01.2012
First time tuning into this station an so far I Love it. Genre is great on selections.

cynthia landry / 31.08.2012
Toe tappin, rump shakin good stuff… From the second I hit the ‘just listen’ option,
my mood went right to “content with a chance of happy”. Yowza, ya know?

Harrison / 15.01.2012
great! i loved it

Maxa / 15.01.2012
Odlična stanica i još bolja muzika.

quadrophenia / 15.01.2012
hey mr. dj, all four of us take off our hats to you.

Defne / 14.01.2012
very good radio. thanks

Metin / 12.01.2012
Very nice radio I will often listen, please play Keith Jarret, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly and all the flying pianists…

Nezih Öget / 09.01.2012
Sevdim .. Hatta şahane.. 🙂

Guto King / 04.01.2012
Congratulations!!! it’s a very, very nice radio…I love it.

Mark / 03.01.2012
Jazz alive keep it comin.

mario / 25.12.2011 22:49
fenomenale ben trovato

Serdar / 22.12.2011 20:10
müthiş şarkılar çalıyor

Yves Turner / 21.12.2011 08:58
Bravo, ça fait seulement 2 jours que j’ai découvert votre site et maintenant je ne peu plus m’en passer.

ali yazar veli bozar / 20.12.2011 11:54
çevremdeki herkes ağız birliği yapmış gibi SomehowJazz’ın çok kaliteli bir radyo olduğundan bahsediyordu,
bende bir merak uyandı!.. sonunda giriş yaptım bu çıkışı olmayan sayfaya
ama kaliteli demenin yetersiz olduğunu gördüm!
dizayn desen “desen desen akıyor”, müzik desen “harikulade”, bundan böyle aboneyim abone

Sandi Perry / 18.12.2011 08:26
awesome website.jazzis my music. i luv to have lots of places to go to when i listen because i never know
what mood ill b in. urs is one of my favorites. thank you!

Jonah / 18.12.2011 02:52
Just discovered the great music you are playing….thanks

Bob L / 17.12.2011 04:42
Found you via ITunes radio. Listened to three songs and was hooked. This is so my world. Keep on!

joe / 11.12.2011 19:38
hello from Argentina ¡¡¡

Kevin Reeves / 11.12.2011 00:12
I love you guys! You are so special.

Wendy & Vernon Nesbeth / 10.12.2011 16:04
We both love Jazz

Lolalynn Jackson / 24.06.2011 05:24
This is great avenue for music to be shared and appreciated.

Çiğdem / 06.12.2011 17:11
harikasınız! ellerinize sağlık…

J. John / 21.07.2011 07:18
Very few things in this life are too good to be true. Somehow Jazz is one of them!

Kevin Reeves / 04.12.2011 18:38
I just ran across your station on Itunes. You have one hell of a strong music mix! Excellent. was my favorite, not anymore.
Kevin Reeves, WRVR New York (live on)

ian / 03.12.2011 02:20
you are on fire tonight my friend

Tritone88 / 12.08.2011 18:02
Just found this station. this is some of the best music I’ve ever heard. Whoever is programming this is a genius!
I’ve been looking for a station like this forever. New refreshing, edgy, funky… truly amazing!
No contribution page? How do you stay on the air?

harun gencer / 02.12.2011 17:13
Congratulations… Keep up the good work !

Seda / 29.11.2011 12:53
Emeğinize sağlık… Keyifle dinliyorum…

Lenny C. / 08.08.2011 09:48
This is the radio for musicians and music enthusiasts, I’m glad I found you guys…
Lenny C.

redmagik / 25.11.2011 08:25
The best jazz station around the world.

enzo smellstone / 08.11.2011 20:30
absolute a hammer, it makes me very happy to listen SOMEHOWJAZZ

Sergio / 06.11.2011 01:42
la radio più figa del web!

Gary Braid / 05.11.2011 15:45
Truly excellent mix of music, the only Station I listen to now ! keep up the good work, cheers from England

Carlos Davila / 27.10.2011 22:48
great music… it makes me work 😛 yeahhh…

EULER MANENTI / 27.10.2011 22:21
Terrific! Will be my favorite Jazz radio. Congratulation!

Jimmy Powers / 27.10.2011 00:47
A Facebook friend turned me onto this site. Love it. A “lifestyle” station that flows with your day. Keep it up!

Ralph J DeLorso Jr / 19.10.2011 22:49
Just got Hip to this Web Site Just Killer its now bookmarked in my Favorites Thank You Very Much

Magnolia / 13.10.2011 11:30
Kiss from Paris…

aisha / 10.10.2011 00:12
this is just great !!!! thanx

Dmitry / 06.10.2011 23:39
Thank you! Great radio, Great music!
Last time i listen only you

Sam Mariotta / 05.10.2011 23:36
Great,great music of last 40 years…

Gulay / 22.09.2011 20:36
I love it.I am so proud of recommending “Somehow Jazz” to my friends…

JAMES M POWERS / 22.09.2011 04:25
A Facebook friend turned me onto this. I could listen to this all day!

FunkyMama / 21.09.2011 15:32
Really great grooves! Lots of very fine and tasteful vibes! You’ve got such a good selection of groovy stuff!
Big up and thx to share great music! Keep the groove alive! ! !
Funky Mama, Geneva (Switzerland)

Anthony K. Bullock / 12.09.2011 03:48
Love It!! Keep it coming.

stanley goree / 11.09.2011 16:09
Great Music glad to have found you well listin on a daliy event.

Allen / 07.09.2011 21:56
I,am so happy that I was introduced to all this great music,Somehow Jazz needs a radio station in NYC,
I miss CD101.9,and I,ll miss u more if this dosen’t happen,thanks for your Smooth Flow.

Deborah Blount / 03.09.2011 20:39
I LOVE your music. As a singer, I am always interested in listening to classic music!
I find myself singing and dancing along to your music!!

April N. / 30.08.2011 14:52
Such a great selection, very colorful.

Ahmet İşsever / 29.08.2011 23:47
Right my kind of listening, my sister recomended. Stay peaceful

Paula. / 25.08.2011 03:03
Love, love it! Thank you

Steve Bradshaw / 23.08.2011 00:18
Great station!!! Like a breath of fresh air!! Keep it coming!!

Barbara McCambry / 18.08.2011 14:26
Great, fantastic music OMG

Katryn Wolinski / 17.08.2011 10:34
Great station leading by tasteful and knowledgeable people… Thank you guys.
Katryn Wolinski Brooklyn,NY

Ian / 16.08.2011 05:04
Perfect. Really.

Gustavo Gregorio / 12.08.2011 17:38
Thanks so much to give joy and happiness to my moments in front of my MAC doing anything else…

ersin gündeğer / 09.08.2011 18:01
kaliteli ve güzel müzikler için teşekkürler… bu radyoyu bulduğuma sevindim…

Serap BM / 23.07.2011 21:04
It’s been soo long that i haven’t listen music that good. Thank you for great selection and good vibes

Bruno / 20.07.2011 20:01
uno desing grande. amo questo sito. la musica è perfetto per me. grazie..

Mehmet Sander / 20.07.2011 16:25
Harika olmuş.
Elinize sağlık,
Hemde çok kaliteli,
Eksik olmayın,
Mehmet Sander

maria grazia / 16.07.2011 11:28
Grazie…mi piace questa radio.
Posso fare una richiesta ? Ascoltare pezzi di J.Coltrane

andre G / 10.07.2011 23:51

Denis / 04.07.2011 04:02
The best web radio program than I ever heard.
You become my favorite.
Thousand times cheer and long life !

ernest rivera / 30.06.2011 09:15
I wood like to hear the great insturmental and cool vocal styles of women jazzers
from the big bands through bop era including westcoast cool. Is that possible?

Daniel Harris / 24.06.2011 14:39
There are bunch of stations that play jazz but tastefulness really matters.. Great taste, congratulations.
Daniel Harris

Jerome / 17.05.2011 14:39
Glad to have discovered your station – one that’s not afraid to funk it up, add some spice once in a while.
Most “Smooth Jazz” stations are just…tooo smooth – bordering on “Elevator Music”.
Have you on at work (when noise levels permit-Ha-Ha)

Katrijn Volkovicka / 12.04.2011 16:09
I Love you

Donald Hunter / 12.04.2011 04:13
WoW ! what breath of fresh air. I loved every minute of this sophisticated eargasm.
At the risk of sounding kanky…DON’T STOP !

Dünyacan Yılmaz / 06.04.2011 12:57
Amazing radio. I only wish that you can put more jazz and fusion songs other than funk 🙂

Lenny J. / 02.04.2011 11:12
Congratulations, I want to subscribe to your station. I like jazz very much!

Maia / 02.04.2011 11:02
Good jazz! Thank you!

Sedat Mehder / 01.04.2011 14:21
can´t stop hearing… 🙂

Duke-o-phile / 26.03.2011 21:33
Crusaders, Zappa, AWB! Great music website. Thank you!!!
I’m getting bored with the same smooth jazz songs on other sites.

Murat Erdoğan / 21.03.2011 15:31

Aydın Karabulut / 21.03.2011 14:14
Hem pas sökücü, hem öğretici, bide öz gıda, süperr, E e daha ne olsun..:)

Jasmin Doker / 20.03.2011 05:28
I love your music and website. I even put it on my FB profile!
Is there a way to be friends on FB so I can share it.

Murat Erdoğan / 13.03.2011 06:00

Blue Dream / 11.03.2011 14:15
thnx very much for free online jazz radio with so good quality and songs!

Andrew J.Small III / 11.03.2011 13:50
Great Job Folks! This is a really good mix. The Blues get a lil’ gritty along side the other fare,
But Choice Tunes. A Music Variety Quite Well Done. Please Try and Find The Jazz That is Hip-Hop Fusion.
Some Really Brilliant Work Out There. Hip-Hop Instrumentation and Jazz. Many I have Heard put lyrics
That Are True Jazz. Some are just simply trios and quartets and the like with a touch of The 808 effects/sounds.
True Jazz With True Hip-Hop Sounds and Sound.
Some Few of These Young Genius Bands Achieve The Perfect Blend, Heavily Hip-Hop Woven With True Jazz,
Raps of Supreme Intelligence and True Jazz Outlook. Kind Good Strong Truthful.
Thank You for Doing What You Do!!

Juliette / 11.03.2011 13:48
i love you radio somehow jazz 🙂 tnx.

Ali Bakan / 11.03.2011 11:58
Groovy. Thank you.

Karolin Fişekçi / 10.03.2011 23:26
You are great. I am a painter and I allways listen to your music. While I was painting & using magical touches
with my brush; this magical music makes me high to consantrate only with music & painting.

Müjgan / 08.03.2011 13:49
congratulations to this cool radio and thanks for good music!

özgün / 08.03.2011 11:55
this radio is vital part of my days now.

Chaslll / 05.03.2011 03:17
Does anyone know wrote/recorded the Blues/Swing tune called “Hold It”? I think the tune came out of
NOLA but I’m not sure! Any help in this matter is much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[email protected]

Antonio / 08.03.2011 02:17
“Fantastico el ensemble musical…saludos desde España”

floydian / 05.03.2011 18:08
great! i loved it

Out Rageous / 04.03.2011 08:31
Help me lose my soul, in your song!

Cem Yener / 04.03.2011 22:56

Aydın Karabulut / 03.03.2011 11:31
E pas sökücü yayın için sizi kutluyorum babalar..:) e e tabii müzik. ve kültürü yan yana gelince,
ortaya boyle bir radyo ve dinletisi çıkmak ..teşşkkürler iskoooo babacm…:))

Ahmet Ozkan / 27.02.2011 22:51
music is the soul bird of infinite sky … thanks to all the people of some how jazz for this cool frequency …

Ugurcan / 27.02.2011 16:20
exactly as you say just keep listenin’ to good music, thanx…

Cem / 24.02.2011 00:32
It’z really really nice…
But you know it would have been great if there were names.. You know for retarded people like myself…
I mean I know it’s The Crusaders but I can’t remember the title… 🙂
Good Job… Keep it coming…

kthegroove / 23.02.2011 19:16
cool 😉

Eser Car / 06.02.2011 20:14
Love Jazz

Goksel / 03.02.2011 13:06
Congratulations to this wonderful radio station.

Nadir / 01.02.2011 20:22
Thanks for making my evenings less sucky.