The playlists suggested by pureplay radios are based on calculation, not understanding. The kind of jazz music that we provide demands knowledge and experience in the area. We spent 50 years of our lives on assembling, listening and filtering creative music. There are rare and out of print recordings in our collection. SomehowJazz listeners get the best of the best out of years and years of research. The point is, it’s not only the access we’re providing. It’s the analysis, the selection, and the concept.

SomehowJazz is an exclusive club (for free), where the members spend their time enjoying the right music instead of looking for it. Don’t waste your time searching the ultimate blend, let the experts do the work for you. Sit back and enjoy the luxury of a designer collection.


Radio SomehowJazz is the true conjunction of audiophile quality sound and right music… Enjoy.


As the name suggests, SomehowJazz offers to our listeners an assortment of most jazz genres. We also share our favorites in the blog categories shown below. Categories are Jazz Funk, Jazz Fusion, Soul Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Jazz Rock, Smooth Jazz and Latin Jazz.