Horace Silver – Sterling Silver ( Blue Note / 1979 )

A collectors album. 1979 Blue Note LP features previously unissued tunes of Horace Silver except for Señor Blues (Vocal version and Alternate take) and Tippin.

Trio version of “Que Pasa” was recorded on 1963, and our favorite “Sanctimonious Sam”, classic delights. Buy this LP if you can find it!

Track Listing :

1. Sanctimonious Sam
2. Que Pasa
3. Sighin’ and Cryin’
4. How Did It Happen
5. Señor Blues
6. It Ain’t S’posed to Be Like That
7. Cool Eyes
8. Señor Blues
9. Tippin’

Musicians / Personnel :

Horace Silver – Piano
Junior Cook, Hank Mobley – Tenor Saxophone
Blue Mİtchell, Donald Byrd – Trumpet
Gene Taylor, Doug Watkins – Bass
Roy Brooks, Louis Hayes – Drums
Bill Henderson – Vocal

Recording Engineer – Rudy Van Gelder
Recorded at: Van Gelder Studios, New Jersey
Produced by: Alfred Lion