Rebellious, soulful and visionary! That’s what The Crusaders is to SomehowJazz.

Coming out of the Bebop era, playing a very different style of music than everybody else for a decade, the band members erupted their musicianship through mastering their individuality and skillful artistry. In 1972, with their first album titled with their new name, The Crusaders plunged into creating a contemporary jazz style delicately blended with soul jazz and R&B and later on with a dash of jazz funk.

Their crusade was to revolutionize jazz, through hypnotic and sophisticated music. And that’s what they did…


The Crusaders is one of our favorite bands that tone the style of SomehowJazz music blend. Below you can find a selection of The Crusaders albums and tunes that are among SomehowJazz favorites. Just click on the album covers for more information, or tunes to enjoy the music. Please make sure to leave your comments.

Favorite The Crusaders Albums

  • Chain Reaction
  • Crusaders 1
  • Free As The Wind
  • The 2nd Crusade
  • Those Southern Knights
  • Scratch
  • Southern Comfort

Favorite The Crusaders Tunes