Weather Report – Tale Spinnin’ ( Columbia / 1975 )

Alphonso Johnson and Leon “Ndugu” Chancler joined Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter in this LP in 1975. Alphonso was already in the  group and recorded  the previous LP “Mysterious Traveller” but “Tale Spinnin” was the only recording with Ndugu. At the time this LP was categorized as “Progressive Jazz”. We highly recommend “Lusitanos” along with all of the other pieces on the first side of the LP. In “Lusitanos” the chords and the melody is by Wayne Shorter and the Orchestration by Joe Zawinul.

Track Listing :

1. Man in the Green Shirt
2. Lusitanos
3. Between the Thighs
5. Freezing Fire
6. Five Short Stories


Musicians / Personnel :

  • Joe Zawinul – Rhodes piano, acoustic piano, melodica, TONTO synthesizer, ARP 2600 synthesizer, organ, steel drums, oud, mzuthra, West African talking drum, xylophone, cymbals, vocals
  • Wayne Shorter – Soprano and tenor saxophones
  • Alphonso Johnson – Electric bass
  • Leon “Ndugu” Chancler – Drums, tympani, marching cymbals
  • Alyrio Lima – Percussion