Here’s why SomehowJazz is a subscriber jazz radio.

Some people ask why they should subscribe to SomehowJazz in a world full of open sources and streaming channels. Here’s why:

One of the greatest blessings of the internet is the limitless accessibility of information. Theoretically, all the music of the world is under your fingertips if you have internet access. But the idea of “limitless access” remains a dream as nobody has endless time to go through everything. If you add today’s jungle of enormous music production to this fact, music research proves to be extremely time-consuming even for experts. The playlists suggested by pureplay radios are based on calculation, not understanding. The kind of jazz music that we provide demands knowledge and experience in the area. We spent 45 years of our lives on assembling, listening and filtering creative music. There are rare and out of print recordings in our collection. Our listeners get the best of the best out of years and years of research. The point is, it’s not only the access we’re providing. It’s the analysis, the selection, and the concept.

SomehowJazz is an exclusive club, where the members spend their time enjoying the right music instead of looking for it. Don’t waste your time searching the ultimate blend, let the experts do the work for you. Sit back and enjoy the luxury of a designer collection.

Radio SomehowJazz is the conjunction of right music and audiophile quality sound. If you would like to know SomehowJazz, make a MONTHLY subscription and enjoy the first month free. After 30 days, you can decide to keep or deactivate your membership.

YEARLY subscribers save $20 and get a V-tuner access as well. Subscribe now.