An exceptionally talented trumpet and flugelhorn player with a style of his own, Eddie Henderson was discovered and encouraged at an early age by jazz greats like Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis. He gained wide popularity starting with Herbie Hancock‘s Mwandishi group, of which he was an original member. Although Miles Davis’ influence is still audible, Eddie Henderson’s true artistry is based on his own expressive style, effortless technical mastery and tastefully emotional solos. We love Henderson’s warm sound, but most important of all we appreciate his remarkable contribution to electric jazz funk starting with his first Blue Note album “Sunburst”(1975) featuring an amazing horn section. And if you really would like to know what we mean with the music blend of SomehowJazz, just listen to “Open Eyes” and “Movin’ On” from  the album “Comin’ Through” (1977).


Eddie Henderson is one of our favorite artists that tone the style of SomehowJazz music blend. Below you can find a selection of Eddie Henderson albums and tunes that are among SomehowJazz favorites. Just click on the album covers for more information, or tunes to enjoy the music. Please make sure to leave your comments.

Favorite Eddie Henderson Albums

  • Comin’ Through
  • Sunburst

Favorite Eddie Henderson Tunes