Starting as a child prodigy in classical music, Herbie Hancock turned to jazz and played with Miles Davis in early sixties who gave him the idea to play the keyboards. From then onwards he tried to bring almost every technological innovation to his music, combining his background in electronic engineering with his instrumental virtuosity.

With his vast understanding of harmony and rhythm he created many popular compositions as well as unforgettable solos not only in his own projects, but also as a sideman in countless albums. His visionary approach to jazz and his eagerness and ease to crossover various genres made him one of the pioneers of fusion. In his long musical career he never fitted any cliche, always open to new directions and musical experimentation. Some of his projects were acknowledged as musical innovations years later after their release, as he’s always been ahead of his time. (remember Rockit) “My main work is to grow and expand…” says Hancock. And so did everyone witnessing his matchless career that opened up their perspective to jazz. We can hardly wait for his next project.


Herbie Hancock is one of our favorite artists that tone the style of Somehowjazz music blend. Below you can find a selection of Herbie Hancock albums and tunes that are among SomehowJazz favorites. Just click on the album covers for more information, or tunes to enjoy the music. Please make sure to leave your comments.

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