Herbie Hancock – Man-Child (Columbia / 1975)

One of the best jazz funk, fusion records of all times, “Man-Child” is the third album of the powerful Hancock trilogy that started with “Head Hunters” in 1973. With the addition of a horn section and wah-wah guitar to the existing combo, Hancock features a whole new sound concept that departs further from his earlier “atmospheric” music as he calls it himself. The concentrated groove, and the unified performance of the band makes the sound even funkier and more accessible. Though the arrangement leaves less room for improvisation, the short and timeless solos of the band members are brilliant, Bennie Maupin’s and Herbie Hancock’s remaining unforgettable.

“Man-Child” is a must have album still sounding fresh and innovative. The cover art by Dario Companile truly representing its spirit, is also worth mentioning. “Bubbles” and “Sun Touch” are SomehowJazz favorites.


Track Listing :

1. Hang Up Your Hang Ups (Hancock, Ragin, Jackson) 7:29
2. Sun Touch  (Hancock) 5:11
3. The Traitor (Hancock, Ragin, Johnson, Shorter) 9:38
4. Bubbles  (Hancock, Ragin) 9:02
5. Steppin’ in It (Hancock) 8:41
6. Heartbeat (Hancock, Ragin, Jackson) 5:16


Musicians / Personnel :

Herbie Hancock – synthesizer, piano, electric piano, ARP Odyssey, ARP Pro Soloist, Oberheim, Fender Rhodes, Clavinet
Wayne Shorter – alto and soprano saxophone
Jay DaVersa, Bud Brisbois – trumpet
Bennie Maupin – bass clarinet, alto flute, saxello, bass flute, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, percussion
Dick “Slide” Hyde – tuba and bass trombone
Garnett Brown – trombone
Ernie Watts, Jim Horn – flute and saxophone
Dewayne McKnight, David T. Walker – electric guitar
Wah Wah Watson – synthesizer, voice bag, electric guitar
Henry E. Davis, Paul Jackson, Louis Johnson – electric bass
Harvey Mason, James Gadson, Mike Clark – drums
Stevie Wonder – harmonica (#5)
Bill Summers – percussion

Recorded at:
Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco
Village Recorders, Los Angeles
Funky Features, San Francisco
Crystal Studios, Los Angeles
Producers: David Rubinson, Herbie Hancock