Introduced by Frank Zappa as an outstanding keyboardist, George Duke later evolved into a groove master blending jazz, funk, rock and soul with his solo albums.

He made a place in the Jazz world as a band leader, producer and an innovative composer, creating beautiful melodies adorned with poetic lyrics. But above all, he was a synthesizer orchestration wizard that made him a popular collaborator among other jazz greats. George Duke holds a very special place in SomehowJazz’ artillery.


George Duke is one of our favorite artists that tone the style of SomehowJazz music blend. Below you can find a selection of George Duke albums and tunes that are among SomehowJazz favorites. Just click on the album covers for more information, or tunes to enjoy the music. Please make sure to leave your comments.

Favorite George Duke Albums

  • Aura Will Prevail
  • Feel

Favorite Tunes