Starting to make a name at a very early age, Jaco Pastorius was raised to a legend status with his first solo album in 1976 and the following Weather Report years. Jaco Pastorius completely altered the significance of electric bass in jazz music and redefined bass playing for good. He freed his instrument from being merely a part of the rhythm section  playing the lead whenever he liked. Also his incredible technical virtuosity with the fretless bass, enabled him an imaginative, melodic playing that sounds almost like singing.

As an instrumentalist, composer and arranger, he became widely influential and was admired by every bass player that came after him.


Jaco Pastorius is one of our favorite artists that tone the style of SomehowJazz music blend. Below you can find a selection of Jaco Pastorius albums and tunes that are among SomehowJazz favorites. Just click on the album covers for more information, or tunes to enjoy the music. Please make sure to leave your comments.

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