Miles Davis – In a Silent Way ( Columbia / 1969 )

“Miles Davis is the most written about artist in the field of jazz, and I hate the word ” jazz,”  I prefer using the phrase ” field of music. “…His recent albums are pointed to new directions for all who are interested in music. His has incorporated the best of jazz, so-called contemporary rock sounds and rhythms… He has come up with something new in music. The form is free, and from this freedom a masterful outgrowth of composition has emerged.” Liner notes from the LP (1969) by Frank Glenn

Track Listing :

1. Shhh Peaceful
2. In a Silent Way
3. It’s About That Time

Musicians / Personnel :

Miles Davis (trumpet)
Wayne Shorter (soprano saxophone)
John McLaughlin (electric guitar)
Chick Corea (electric piano)
Herbie Hancock (electric piano)
Joe Zawinul (organ)
Dave Holland (double bass)
Tony Williams (drums)
Engineers: Stan Tonkel, Russ Payne
Cover Photo: Lee Friedlander”